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Alexandre Jouveaux

Alexandre Jouveaux has built a vastly popular name over the last few years through his unique and mouth tantalising expressions of Chardonnay from his tiny cellar in Mâconnais. 

Once a fashion photographer for brands like Chanel in Paris, Alexandre left his job to pursue his dream of living in the countryside and making delicious wines. 

Alexandre and his wife Maryse only farm just two and a half hectares of old vineyards, surrounded by forest and with one eye constantly on retaining a diverse ecosystem as much as possible among his vines. The soils are planted to mainly limestone, which imparts the crystal, citrus and wet stone intensity throughout his Chardonnay expressions.

Alexandre produces only a few thousand bottles a year and often just a barrel or two of each cuvée. We are so fortunate and grateful to be able to share them with you.


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