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Chapuis et Chapuis

Romain and brother Jean-Guillaume are producing some France's best value natural wines out of Burgundy.

Romain handles the winemaking with experience in Australia, Lebanon and notably with Philippe Pacalet and his brother handles the operations side of things. After taking over from their parents, they have created two new labels, with Chapuis et Chapuis being the most experimental, less traditional route for the brothers. Romain is using grapes from his family vineyards and also purchases from other parts of France. Romain prefers not to macerate the reds for too long and everything is whole bunch pressed, with only old barrels used for ageing and no additions at all. The Chapuis et Chapuis wines are made in minuscule quantities and are very hard to find, even in France. These new released have been resting in Australia since July, zero sulphur, clean, stable and of very high quality. 

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