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Cosmic Vinyaters

Devoted to producing pure and integral wines, made only from one and only grape variety, with the lowest intervention and the highest respect for its natural and energetic origin, the climate and the land.

The wines are consistently high in energy and very festive. Located 300 metres above sea level, about 20 km in from the Mediterranean, this first vineyard Salvador "Salva" Batlle  rented is one of the highest in Empordà. It is planted with Cariñena Blanca, a local variety that needs poor soils without clay or humidity and which is one of Cosmic's greatest treasures. It's existed in the area for around 300-400 years and is a fresh variety, with a lot of acidity and structure but it has always been ill-treated. In the eyes of Salva, looking after abandoned varieties is viewed as critical for maintaining the area's identity and follows biodynamic practices in the vineyard alongside pure practices in the cellar.

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