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Domaine David Beaupere

In 2008 Louis-Clément David-Beaupère took on his family domaine having been purchased by his grandfather after the Algerian War of independence. Clément didn't start with winemaking, he studied engineering and commerce before coming to his true family legacy of farming. 

Since taking on the estate, for the past decade Clément has been working the vineyard, reducing the density of the vineyard (less competition between vines), removing systemic sprays and making wine in a more natural manner for the 7 hectares of vines they manage. 

Louis-Clément's wines are high-quality Beaujolais. Very juicy, but also much more serious than your average glou-glou Gamay. Leaning slightly less towards a feminine Burgundy-style, and more towards true, classy and mineral Beaujolais than some of the other top natural Beaujolais producers, we believe Clément is a bright shining star in the making.

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