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Domaine de l'Ausseil

Paying hommage to the birds and wildlife in each of wines, Jacques de Chancel created his dream Domaine in 2001, immediately opting for organic viticulture.

The Domaine holds about 10 ha in the village of Latour de France (in the hills to the north west of Perpignan). Jacques likes to work with micro-vinifications, isolating and nurturing different vineyards with different varieties in different micro-climates and soil structures, in order to study their impact on the resulting wines. He also is one of flexibility in winemaking, with very short to very long macerations, long ageing in tanks and/or old oak barrels. Winemaking is all low-intervention, all by gravity, use of a basket press, classic macerations for the reds, a little plunging of the cap, and minimal SO2 prior to bottling.

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