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Domaine Hausherr

Hubert & Heidi Hausherr own 4 hectares in southern Alsace, around Eguisheim. Hubert inherited the vines and winery from his father. Since 2000, they are farming entirely by hand, biodynamically, with the help of their draft horse, Skippy.

All wines since 2000 have been made with zero oenological entrants, and more and more towards zero SO2 at any stage. Wines are pressed in an old wooden vertical basket press, and have a distinct oxidative note, which adds depth and interest. Hubert believes that the previous generations understood the land better, always planting mixed varieties in the same field. The true heritage of Alsace, he says, is the field blend, where multiple varieties grow together, are harvested together and ferment together. Thus Hubert now makes all of his wines from single terroirs, not single varieties. These wines depart from the common

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