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Emilie Mutombo

Emilie Mutombo and her partner Paolo Carbonera Giani live in the small town of Bonastre in Catalunya, only a stone's throw away from Barcelona, where you'll also find the famous Partida Creus family where Emi relished in her role as grape grower and winemaker for a number of years, and formed a passion and confidence to commit fully to her own project.

Emi and Paolo now farm their own parcels of Parrellada and Sumoll near to their home and work with one of the region’s staple growers, Sebastia, to source beautifully farmed organic fruit. Their cellar is in the basement of their house and they are quickly outgrowing the three small tanks and five barrels that they have filled in the past couple of vintages. It brings me joy to see their wines here in Australia. Emi’s delicate touch and understanding of maceration is like magic. I can’t wait for you to try the wines.

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