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Fukuchiyo Shuzo

Fukuchiyo Shuzo was founded in 1924 and is located south of Saga City in the town of Kashima. The owner Naoki Iimori is also the Toji [Master Brewer] and his aim is to create sake that tastes unique, vibrant and fresh.

One of the ways Iimori-san does this is by brewing his sake at low temperatures over a long period. All of Fukuchiyo’s sake are made with a Sokujo moto [modern starter method] which at most breweries would mean a 14-16 day ferment, however Iimori-san doubles this time to around 30-33 days. This ‘slow and low’ ferment creates freshness with body. All of the sake at Fukuchiyo are also Muroka, or made without charcoal filtration. Iimori-san believes that if sake is made with quality ingredients and attention to detail, then charcoal filtration is not required.

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