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Gentle Folk

From scuba divers to winemakers, a love of wine, food and growing things eventually led Gareth and Rainbo away from a very different background. Prior to wine growing, both Gareth and Rainbo were marine scientists, specialising in phycology (the study of marine plants). They both studied the biodiversity of different seaweed groups and how they are related. 

The Gentle Folk journey began in 2012 after Gareth and Rainbo met a couple of hairy wine makers in the Adelaide Hills. It started with three barrels and has grown each year to its current size. Now managing a number of vineyards, this pair are restoring and farming organically and biodynamically. Hand harvesting, minimal intervention and low yields. They farm a number of small parcels in Basket Range, Forest Range, Norton Summit, Summertown and Ashton and make intuitive winemaking decisions as they go along.

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