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La Villana

After interning with the infamous Le Coste of Lazio, Joy Kull of the USA decided that natural winemaking was the path she wanted to forge.

Joy stands by a very similar philosophy to that of Le Coste. Everything starts in the vineyard for her. She uses a fraction of the amount of copper and sulphur of conventional viticulturists and supplements with biodynamic preparations. Her microvineyards were rescued and revived in Gradoli and most are planted with Greghetto (Sangiovese) and Procanico (Trebbiano) and other local varietals including Malvasia, Moscato, Ciliegiolo, and Montepulciano. In the cellar Joy remains completely hands-off. No additives, no speeding up of natural fermentation, bringing it back to the basics and allowing the energy and the volcanic power of the area to shine through in her magical wines.

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