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Laherte Frères

The terroir of Chavot and the Coteaux Sud d’Épernay is a style that is distinctively creamier and with more fruit generosity (to generalise) than one can find elsewhere. It’s a deliciously textured and yet racy style of Champagne.

The vineyard practices at Laherte Frères are impressive. Most of the Estate is biodynamically farmed with the exception of those vineyards that are too far away to do so (mainly those in the Côte des Blancs and the Marne Valley). These latter sites are still managed organically, with the soils cultivated and no herbicides or pesticides used. The high standards continue in the cellar. Aurèlien uses the traditional Coquard wooden Champagne presses. Fermentation occurs with natural yeast and more than 80 percent of the wine is fermented and matured in large foudres and old barriques .

The focus is on terroir expression, the use of traditional barrel ageing to help the wines express themselves, the rigorous viticulture along with the unique terroir of the Coteaux d’Épernay, are the keys to understanding these expressive and delicious wines.

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