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Like so many great wine stories, MDI begins in Europe – Friuli to be precise. For Kevin McCarthy (of T'Gallant and Quealy fame) and daughter Celia (co-founder of MDI wines) not only provided an opportunity to reconnect with old friends - including Josko Gravner, but was also the source of inspiration for their latest wine project—MDI, or Murray Darling Italy. The name aptly sums up the project nicely—Italian varietals from the Murray, left-field whites with lots of skin-contact, and unknown reds that will tantalise your taste-buds and a nod to the winemaking of Josko Gravner and those in the region.

The fruit is sourced from two sites in Mildura: Chalmers and the Pasut vineyard (run by Friuli-born Denis Pasut). Both are key players in a region that Kev describes as having a "dense Italian heritage". A no brainer decision to start an Italian-inspired wine project then. The sites have deep limestone soils, and the Murray Darling in general could be considered one of Australia's most underrated viticultural areaswith plenty of sunshine and good access to water. It’s the perfect canvas for these Italian varieties.

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