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Moriki Shuzo

Known since ancient times as the land of the ninja, Iga is also the town that is home to Moriki Shuzō in the prefecture of Mie.

Rumiko Moriki is the 4th generation of her family to own the brewery, and along with her husband Hideki, they are not only the Kuramoto [Brewery Owners] of this tiny brewer. Nearly all work in the Moriki Shuz ō is done by hand, the same way their sake has been made for centuries. Rumiko's mo t to is "a lot of hard work in the making of the best quality sake she can, means being honest to her customers". It is truly a remarkable brewery with a wood fi red boiler being used to steam the rice, wooden vats full of steamed rice are carried on the Moriki’s and their workers shoulders, including up wooden planks to get the rice into the fermentation tank

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