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Nuria Renom

Nuria Renom, having worked at Bar Brutal in Barcelona as the head sommelier for many years, began making wines in a tiny leased vineyard and farmhouse in the Garraf national park in 2014. 

After late night shifts, the next day she would take the first train back to Garraf and begin vineyard work with her intense level of focus, care and attention to detail. So when the vineyard started providing her with miniscule yields they were of course of the highest quality. By Nuria showing those around her the ability to not only bring up healthy vines and fruit, but also her talent in the cellar, enabled her to source grapes from the best viticulturists Alt Penedès and surrounds. 

Nuria's wines are uncompromising to say the least. Wines that express both the region's climate and soils to an extreme degree but also an extension of herself, personality and intent. The wines are pure, wild, feminine and uniquely hers.

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