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Paolo Bea

From deep in the hills of Montefalco in the central Italian province of Perugia, father and sons Paolo, Giampiero and Giuseppe Bea produce some of Italy’s most powerful and age-worthy wines.

The wines produced by Paolo and Giampiero Bea exemplify their philosophy that ‘nature should be observed, heard, understood, not dominated.’ This approach defines every step of the wine-making process. Vines are masale-selected and managed in accordance with the lunar calendar, and interspersed with orchards, wild herbs, forests and olive trees. Organic compost is applied every 2-3 years, with algae, propolis (derived from beeswax) and herbal teas used in preference to the copper and sulphur sprays allowed in organic viticulture. Harvests are picked and sorted by hand, ferments are spontaneous, temperature controls are avoided and no sulphur additions. Long periods of skin-contact vary from 16 days for the Arboreus Trebbiano to 49 days for the Montefalco Riserva.

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