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Renzaglia Wines

Wine has consumed three generations of the Renzaglia family - all holding a very strong spirit of discovery and pioneering. Tom planted in O'Connell in 1997, it was a small vineyard. No power, no town water, no neighbours growing grapes, just determination. Now their son Sam is on the hunt, taking Renzaglia Wines to the next level, seeking modern expressions from grapes sourced locally, and really pushing the conversation around responsible, sustainable, respectful farming in NSW.

"It is often said that the best wines are made in the vineyard, but what does that mean? What is it that makes a wine great? Is it simply what is in the glass, or do other factors influence quality?  For us, to create a spectacular product we deliberately place great importance on several aspects of our day-to-day activities, which drive us forward and inspire us. Too many vineyards throughout the world allow short term gains to take precedence over the health of the ecosystem to which the vines belong. Our philosophy is the exact opposite. We encourage biodiversity in the vineyard, build soil health and soil water holding capacity and in turn create the conditions within which very high quality grapes can be grown."

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