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Calabria’s best known wine region is Cirò, extending from the Ionian coast to the eastern foothills of La Sila, where Luigi Scala sees to his organic vineyards and hands-off winemaking.

It's here that Gaglioppo is king. One of Italy’s oldest varieties, recent DNA studies have found that Gaglioppo is a natural crossing of Sangiovese and Mantonico. The name Gaglioppo is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘beautiful foot’, owing to its cherubic and plump ripe bunches. Most of the grapes farmed arre native varieties such as Greco bianco (different clone than the Greco di Tufo grape found in Campagnia), Gaglioppo, Magliocco, a tiny amount of Nerello Mascalese, Mantonico and Greco nero. The vines are cultivated in espalier on the hinterland plains and hills, on argillaceous and sandy soil.

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