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Valentini remains one of the oldest and greatest names in Italian viniculture and rightfully deserving of their status as cult treasures.

Abruzzo’s Edoardo Valentini was known as the "Lord of the Vines." An eccentric and most often shy Italian, he crafted wines that are lavish, extroverted, brimming with character & texture that is absolutely unique! He disregarded all modern conventions and hid his production techniques in a shroud of mystery until his passing in April 2006 at the age of 72.

Today Paolo Francesco, Edoardo’s talented son continues the wine making. He worked alongside his father for many years and adopted his techniques and a legacy that remain unchanged.  In a region where quantity is so often chosen over quality, Valentini stand tallest amongst a small group doing it differently. The wines display a startlingly natural character & their individual quirks only enhance their charm. They are unique & genuine wines, so telling of the land & hands they have come from.

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