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Zelige Caravent

Zelige Caravent is the brain child of Luc & Marie Michel. In 1999, after years of indecision, Luc finally decided to explore his heart and heritage by retrieving the 3ha of vines his Grandfather had worked years ago.

Together with his wife ­Marie, who joined the domaine a couple of years later, they built their vineyard holdings up to roughly 12 ha. They learnt everything from scratch, by practice, on their own land, with minimal relevant training (especially considering their choice to grow biodynamically, and make natural wines, which doesn’t even feature in most viticulture courses).

The vines are situated in the Pic Saint Loup appellation, in the sub zone of Corconne which has a distinct terroir, known as «gravettes», being a red sand based soil with lots of limestone rubble which has been shattered off the high cliffs over the millennia. The wines are all vinified naturally, and may be de-stemmed or whole bunch, depending on the harvest and the variety. There are no oak barrels here, everything is fermented and aged in concrete. The wines have life, energy and fire electric joy through the drinker

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