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Hello Rainbow Studios. Partners in life and now business, Jade Gillett and Goldie (Brent Gold) have just opened a Darlinghurst-based creative concept store showcasing artists and designers from near and far. We caught up with Jade for a chat.
Chats with Jade Gillett. Creative Directory, Co-Founder and good friend of NOTWASTED.

Can you tell us a bit about the studio? What inspired you and Brent to start it?

RAINBOW STUDIOS is a creative concept store that showcases handcrafted jewellery brands like Henson & Gold by jewellery designers/directors Brent Gold and Andy Henson. We also celebrate a variety of local and international artists and designers with their incredible talents in art, homewares, books, and fragrance.

Goldie and I knew it was time to have a space for his Jewellery brands, to grow and involve. We saw the big blue building was available so we jumped at the opportunity. The next minute it was ours. So our idea of having a space quickly turned into not just your standard jewellery store! It grew into something a lot bigger and more exciting than we expected. So we started the renovation process… and it’s still ongoing! But we are so excited by what we’ve created and we can’t wait to finally open our doors to show you all!

What did you set out to do with Rainbow Studios?

We just want a place where people can walk in and feel happy, excited, and inspired. We want to offer an experience that is rare to find these days. A feeling is felt when you walk into RAINBOW STUDIOS and we want that feeling to be shared and to be felt again when you come back for the second, third, and fourth time! We also want to support and showcase the incredible talent of many brands that deserve to be seen. It’s also the first time both jewellery brands have been placed side by side so we want our customers to enjoy this and also have a beautiful experience in a beautiful space when designing a custom piece of jewellery.

What do you guys do outside of the Studio?

It seems like all we’ve been doing is working and renovating especially during lockdown. We’ve had no spare time to relax or enjoy the downtime! So we are excited to get the renovations finished asap so we can enjoy going to the beach, sunrise and sunset walks, bbqs, and enjoying a wine with friends.

Favourite wine or winemaker?

I love a chilled red, I don’t really have a favorite but I really enjoy trying new winemakers especially with your variety of wines to choose from. I feel like there are always new flavours and winemakers to explore.

What can we expect to see from Rainbow Studios in the future?

There are so many exciting plans for RAINBOW STUDIOS, we have been lucky enough to find space that has so many layers which means there is a never-ending list of things we can do with the space. We plan to host beautiful intimate events, with brands that align with our ethos as well as events that allow our artists and designs to host and showcase their work. Goldie will be transforming our basement into his underground jewellery studio which is very exciting for both jewellery brands. We see this space as interchangeable and forever evolving and that’s what’s really important to us.

It’s a creative home for all creative movements and we are so excited to finally be sharing this space with you soon so soon.

Rainbow Studios is now open 10am – 4pm at 348 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst

If anyone is interested in partnering with Rainbow Studios or would like to get in touch, please email info@rainbowstudios or you can visit their website here.

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