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Covering both drink-in and BYO eating houses many of the places share one cute thing in common. Wine. We often see a cross-over in both the styles of wines and also the winemakers themselves. The BYO places...well they are few and far between these days. We should also mention that the food below is some of the tastiest and latest on offer in Sydney.
Dine In

La Salut

La Salut is a new Catalonian-inspired wine bar from the guys who brought you Love, Tilly Devine, Ragazzi & Fabbrica. An ode to the bar culture exec chef Scott McComas-Williams experienced back in Barcelona, you’ll find simple, non fussy dishes made and served right in front of you – and of course we’ve come to expect this team to bring you a stellar list of natural wines. The bar is set to open on the 5th of November.

Photo: Trent van der Jagt, Buffet Digital

La Salut

Fish Market

With Summer fast approaching, there is no one who does seafood like Joel Bennetts and the guys that have brought us Fishbowl. Fish Shop is their latest venture, which was so hot they had to create a takeaway just to cater for those wanting to munch their prawn toasts to the park – enter Fish Market. Stepping up a notch in the dining world with Fish Shop, Fish Market is the same concept just for takeaway. Reinventing the classics like fish and chips, tuna burgers with killer sides and toppings (for example the chilli spiked tuna tartare or anchovies with salsa verde), they are like your seaside local, but better. 

Photo: Fish Shop Bondi

Fish Shop


Lola’s is the brainchild of Marco Ambrosino (Fratelli Paradiso) and Manny Spinola (hospitality legend), bringing a completely different type of atmosphere to Bondi that is intimate and laid-back but also buzzing with youthful energy. A beautiful European-inspired interior paired with a Mediterranean menu and wine list (ranging from Portuguese to Italian to Greek), Lolas is a wonderful space for indulging in incredible plates with Sydney’s most iconic view.

Photo: Nikki To, @nik_to for Concrete Playground

Lolas Bondi Nikki To


Co-owners Nick and Kirk Mathews Bowden have made Ezra the go-to spot for Ashkenazi (Eastern European) and Sephardic (Iberian, Mediterranean and Levantine) food in Sydney, with head chef Ben Sears using fresh produce from all over the world to create wonderful fusion delicacies. You’ll find a rare variety of home-y dishes inside Ezra’s beautiful, rustic interior, with roasted cauliflowers generously dressed with haloumi, freshly baked pitas, and of course their famous hummus and garlic chickpea puree as just a few of our faves from their all star menu.

Photo: Nikki To, @nik_to

Ezras Nikki To
BYO (Wine obvs)

Sorted the drinks but not sure where to enjoy them? They are one-in-a-million these days, but a few delicious BYO houses still remain.


Taking in one of the best outlooks across Bondi Beach whilst twirling a few strands of delicious handmade tagliatelle from your vongole sounds ideal at the worst of times, but as locals will attest to, Sean’s is one of the most charming of Sydney restaurants from the inside. Collector Sydney art, homely objects and light beach-house kind of pastels only elevate the home–style food balanced for modern tastes. One of the greatest perks is they let you bring your own wine :). For a reasonable corkage fee of course.


VN Streetfoods 

A suburban staple, VN Streetfoods slings up extremely sumptuous classic dishes that’ll just surprise you with their quality. We love the Banh Cuon and Bun Cha but all their food is wonderful, really. As with Vietnamese food, expect tangy and sweet flavours, so bring along an orange or white to drink with. 


Wilson’s Lebanese

Tucked into the heart of Redfern is this pretty cute family-run Lebanese operation. Don’t let the disgruntled look on their faces turn you off – they enjoy having you here and you should lap up the hummus… just keep the flatbreads coming.