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MUMS WINE: A Guide To Mum Wine Pairing

Neither Astrology or Myers-Briggs will give you the perfect mother's day gift. So we've had a go at it ourselves. A short guide for matching wine with your mumma this Mother's Day. Sun mums, adventure mums, Netflix mums or dinner mums. There is one for everyone. Enjoyyyy!

Do you find your mum sitting on on the front patio bathing in the sun or is she always ready for a picnic with all charcuterie ingredients packed with drinks in a cooler? Your mum is probably fun, always smiling and never forgets her SPF in her morning skincare routine. To emulate your mum’s bubbly personality, we have some delicious sparkling wines lined up for you.

2021 Somos ‘Fresa Fresca Pin Nat’ Pet Nat

Sunshine, sparkles, strawberries strawberries strawberries! This stunner is a Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Meunier all fermented separately and then blended together (at last) to make the prettiest of pink rose. This bubbly number is eager to be drank cold at your mum’s location of choice. Could be a scrumptious aperitif or a thirst quencher after a walk at the beach. Think pink, drink pink.

2021 Latta Vino ‘Good Times’ Pinot Gris Magnum Pet Nat

Ideal for the beach, park, rooftop, or really wherever there is fresh air and good vibes flowing, your mum will adore this light on skins, frivolous pet-nat for easy-drinking and quite literally, good times. Pinot Gris with a pinch of Pinot Noir. Zero SO2, Refreshing Goodness. It certainly delivers, with a clean, crisp light fruitiness. Yum yum!


This is for the mum’s that refuse to order the same meal at a dinner out and ask the waiter “What would you recommend?” Your mum probably makes puns more than dad and uses lots of exclamation marks in her daily texts. These wines are not for the safe and will keep your mum on her toes.

2021 Payten & Jones ‘Dutty Wine’ Sicin Contact Chardonnay

This is a skin contact Chardonnay fermented on skins and the matured in concrete egg, giving way to this mouth-watering drop. Like it’s packaging, it’s fun, funky, and very very fresh. It’s oyster shell character and flinty acidity, layered textures with waxy honeyed flavours falling over the top will leave your mum saying “WOW!”.

2020 Barbacan Chiavennasca Rosato

Not your ordinary Rosé this one. Spontaneous fermentation with short maceration in steel and 100% Chiavennasca (pretty rare Nebbiolo) makes for a pretty unique pink drink. Serve this one at 10-14 degrees and let it sit in your glass for 15 minutes. Once you take that first sip, you’ll be tasting and smelling sweet sweet strawberries!



At the dinner table you’ll find your mum has set up the table with all cutlery, crockery and glasses rightfully placed at each seat. She loves to say cheers with a filled glass before taking the first bite of a hearty home-cooked meal. It may be pasta, baked veggies, or maybe even just a good soup. These wines will be a delicious pairing with your mum’s favourite meals.

2020 Sagona Gattorosso Red Blend

This wine is a mix of local grape varieties harvested from 40 year old vines. It’s fresh and lifted with a solid hit of acid followed by delicate tannins, mushrooms and forest floor. Hints of leather too. Your mum can pair this with any meal for any occasion. Time to wine and dine!

2021 Patrick Sullivan ‘Ada’ Chardonnay

Ada is always the one to look out for within Patrick’s collection. Upon opening, you are welcomed by soft toasty brioche notes thanks to the 30% new oak at fermentation. On the palate, it’s all-white peachy goodness with racing lemony acid.  The palate is long, elongated, and crisp. It’s a refreshing pairing, a great way to invigorate any meal.



Your mum’s favourite things most likely include autumn, fireplaces, and persistently reminding the family to wear their socks and uggs to keep their feet warm in the winter. She’s probably wrapped herself in her favourite fuzzy robe or cardigan, arms tucked by her side and a warm mug nested in her hands. These wines will keep mum feeling like she’s in a cosy embrace.

2021 Poppelvej ‘Panacea’ Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc

Uffe’s perfect winter wine. Blue and green fruits flying very high in this one. Fine tannins. Very fresh but definitely a wine mum will find super warm and inviting. Fleshy, chocolates, hints of green things. Salivating. 

2021 Frederick Stevenson Dolcetto

Hints of spice and everything nice. This wine is all plums, dark fleshy cherries, spice, chocolate cake n tarish/ reductive notes on the nose. The palate has a definite softness and broader feel which makes its way to feeling like your sucking on a cherry pith – with some tight tannin and soft but fresh acid to close. Sounds and tastes like a warm embrace!