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Where did Summer go? Although we love a sunkissed wine moment, Autumn invites us to light a couple candles and show your place some love. Here are a few of our favourite drinks and not drinks for when the leaves start to fall and if the rain comes back like it did! Jun’s also curated a list of his own personal jams for embracing the cool weather. More here x
What We're Drinking

Let’s be honest. Anything north of NSW’s south coast doesn’t really have what you would call a winter. This means for a lot of us quite nice balmy days and then cooler nights so we need some wines that can match the mood. Melbourne you guys get pretty rugged up so there are a few muscular suggestions for you.

With whites, nothing changes substantially. Yes we may want some richer and fatter ones, but there is always a place for a delicate, minerality driven white on the table.

Things like Stefano Lubiana’s Chardonnay – more medium bodied and weighty. Still maintaining a level of freshness and lemon/peach fruit oriented. On the same kind of wave length we really vibe a Loire Chenin in Autumn. Our two picks are Loïc Mahe’s and Philippe Delmée’s.

When we look at oranges, we want something that will match well with food because we’re mainly drinking in that type of scenario through Autumn. A grippy, dry and tight skin contact wine will help cut through a lot of the fats of a richer meal and also suit both day-time and night affairs.

Trish Nelson of Gazzetta in Lazio scores well on this front and one of our favourite skinsy wine purveyors. The G05 is our pick of the bunch.

On the reds front, we start to let go of the lighter almost raspberry cordial and move to those with more body, weight and let the tannins creep in a bit. Some of these can still do with a light chill if it is warmer. At the 12 degree mark. Here are our picks.

Gareth’s Village Sangiovese is exceptional. Perfumed with lifted red fruits and fine dusty tannins, a worthy addition and sure to become a modern classic. Jubey red fruits. Structured acid line. It’s all class.

Frederick Stevenson’s Giovanni Armani Rosso is also a good reach for this transitional period. A lot of fruit for not much $. Usual dark cherries and plums and other things that taste good. Great structure and chill-able. ‘Giovanni once had Domino’s pepperoni delivered direct to his bed at 11am. This would’ve been the ultimate pairing.’

If it all gets a bit much – as always just head for the packs! Like this one here. We’ll be adding more and more Autumnal ones to the collection over the next couple of weeks and they’ll always be made with the time of year in mind.


What We're Eating

If you’re not caring so much about the hot girl/boy rig in winter, then we think we have a pantry full of treats you’ll enjoy. It’s always tricky for us to store cheese and meats etc. but we basically cover every other front with some of Sydney’s best snacks.

Don’t feel like cooking? Same. We think Glorietta’s Pizzas are better than any we’ve had delivered as of late.

Did you know you can cook a gourmet pasta in 10 minutes? Just salt your water that’s coming to the boil, add this and then add to a hot pan with Simon Johnson’s sauce and then dabble a bit of this game changing spread.

Throw some sardines or anchovies on your pizza or cook off in your pasta base or just serve on crostata! Don’t forget them olives and some of Pino’s cold cuts.

If you’re feeling a little savoury – try these chips. Seriously. Best we’ve ever had.

Tony’s Chocolonely are having a bit of a moment right now and for a good reason.

Nougat has not been a thing recently but we think they’re coming back – Jun has been snacking on these.

What We're Listening To

Perhaps the most important question – what music are we putting on? Jun has curated a playlist of his favourite tunes for embracing the cooler weather and darker nights. He says that although the tracks are from all over the world, they all share this energetic, lively essence that will fill any room or home with warmth.

Listen here.

We’ve also got a little bit of techno and disco too if that’s your thing. X

What We're Smelling

Last step. What are we smelling? Shani down the coast at Geelong, Victoria is all about positive, healthy daily rituals with Happy Society, and we’re for it. Natural fragrances and herbal blends, expect warm, herbaceous, and earthy notes to soothe your body and mind.

We also can’t get enough of the scents from our friends over at Maison Balzac. Actually, our office currently smells like the ‘La Chapelle’ incense! At home, though, we recommend either a set of 4 Chandelles on top of some linen for your dining table or the Le Rêve Candle, which may look like an ordinary candle but smells ethereal. Musk and Moroccan cedarwood with gentle floral notes of jasmine and rose.  A green rosemary-filled fragrance and the wooden notes of juniper berry complete the beauty of this sweet fennel accord.