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Sébastien Châtillon fell into wine on a whim in 2004 whilst looking for an alternative to the record label and punk rock band in France's music scene. After doing a stint for the Mosse family vineyard for four years learning about viticulture and winemaking, he moved to Paris becoming the sommelier for Le Chateaubriand and two years later he opened La Cave. A small natural wine shop which is a golden reputation now around the world.

 In the winery, Séb vinifies without the use of sulphites or other additives and without fining or filtration. Séb's wines are always changing with different blends and labels vintage to vintage. A lot of the wines are made with a trempouillette method not too dissimilar to the flottaison method used by the likes of Daniel Sage and Les Valseuses where whole bunches are sealed in direct press juice.

The wines are full of life and energy and possess a spectrum of flavours and colours that we've never seen before. Some are experimental thirst-quenchers while others require time and are fit for special occasions.

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